List of Publications

Natan Yonatan has published more than 30 books between the years 1951 and 2004. Since his death a few more books have been published. Each line consists of the name of the book in translation to English, the type of publication in parentheses, the Hebrew pronunciation of the book's name in square brackets, the publisher and the year of publishing. You can also find the list of publication in Hebrew.

  • Dusty Paths (poems), [Sheviley Afar], Sifriat Poalim, 1951
  • To the Fallow Land (poems for children), [El Ha-nirim Ha'aforim], Sifriat Poalim, 1954
  • Once We Loved (poems), [Asher Ahavnu], Sifriat Poalim, 1957
  • Between Spring and a Cloud (stories for teens), [Bein Aviv Le'anan], Sifriat Poalim, 1959
  • Once-Loved Dusty Paths (selected poems), [Sheviley Afar Asher Ahavnu], Sifriat Poalim, 1960
  • Poems Along the Shore (poems), [Shirim Le'orech Ha-chof], Sifriat Poalim, 1962
  • Lilac (stories for children), [Lilach], Sifriat Poalim, 1963
  • Poems of Dust and Wind (poems for teens), [Shirey Afar Va-ruach], Sifriat Poalim, 1965
  • Till the End of Indian Summer (American travelogue), [Ad Sof Ha-Kaits Ha'indiani], Sifriat Poalim, 1968
  • Poems at Sea-Dusk (poems), [Shirim Ba'arov Ha-yam], Sifriat Poalim, 1970
  • More Stories Between Spring and a Cloud (stories for teens), [Od Sipurim Bein Aviv Le'anan], Sifriat Poalim, 1971
  • Poems (Dedicated to Lior) (poems), [Shirim], Sifriat Poalim, 1974
  • Stones in the Darkness (selected poems translated into English), [Avanim Ba-Chashecha], Sifriat Poalim, 1975
  • Poems This Far (poems), [Shirim Ad Kan], Sifriat Poalim, 1979
  • Salt and Light (selected poems translated into Russian), [Melach Va'or], Sifriat Poalim, 1980
  • Pocket Collection (selections from 40 years of poetry), [Zutta], Hakibbutz Hameuchad, 1982
  • Shores (100 poems set to music, including both words and music), [Chofim], Keter, 1983
  • Other Poems (poems), [Shirim Acherim], Sifriat Poalim, 1984
  • Itzik MangerSelected Poems (translations from Yiddish to Hebrew), Keter, 1987
  • Poems on the Mountain Ranges (poems), [Shirim Al Kav Ha-reches], Zmora-Bitan, 1988
  • Poems with Love (collected love poems), [Shirim Be'ahava], Sifriat Poalim, 1990
  • Poems on Earth and Water (collected poems of landscape), [Shirim Al Adama U-maim], Sifriat Poalim, 1993
  • Veiled Faced is the Time (poems), [Re'ul Panim Ha-zeman], Sifriat Poalim, 1995
  • Salt and Light (selected poems translated into Bulgarian), [Melach Va'or], Sifriat Poalim, 1995
  • Poetry’s Grace (collected poems on the art of poetry), [Chesed Ha-shirim], Sifriat Poalim, 1996
  • Gleanings and Forgotten Sheaves (selected poems), [Leket, Shichecha U-fe'a], Sifriat Poalim, 1997
  • Poems on “Sefer Hayashar” (collection of poems inspired by the Bible and other Jewish sources, stories and myths), [Shirim Al Sefer Ha-yashar], Or-Am, 1998
  • Poems Cloaked in Evening (last poetry anthology selected and edited by Natan Yonatan, published two days after his death), [Shirim Bichsut Ha'erev], Yediot Ahronot, 2004.
  • Within the Song to Live (selected poems translated into English, bilingual edition), [Lichyot Betoch Hashir], Gefen publishing, 2005
  • Poems that were left (literary remains), [Shirim She-nisharu], Yediot Ahronot, 2007
  • Apostar Al Tiempo (selected poems translated into Spanish, bilingual edition), Visor Libros, Madrid, 2008
  • To the Fallow Land (renewed edition), [El Ha-nirim Ha'aforim], Sifriat Poalim, 2010

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