Within the Song to Live

Within the Song to Live

Within the Song to Live, 2005

Prior to his death, Natan Yonatan started working on his book Within the Song to Live, a bilingual Hebrew–English edition, which has been published in North America and Israel by Gefen Publishing House, Jerusalem. The book contains a representative selection of poems chosen by the poet as a means to introduce his poetry to English-speaking readers. The poet opted for a bilingual edition for the benefit of speakers and lovers of Hebrew who live in English-speaking countries. He entrusted the work of translation to the poetess and translator, Ms. Janice Rebibo, who commenced this task as far back as 1997. Some of these translations have already been published in literary journals all over the world. This edition includes a gift to the reader, a CD with a selection of Natan Yonatan’s poems that have become popular folk songs. The songs are performed by “The Brothers and The Sisters”, one of the best ensembles in Israel. For more information about the book and in order to purchase it, click here.

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